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Cooking Kept Me Sane is just as diverse as everyday cooking needs to be. I'm  proud of my knowledge about taste and expertise in making great meals and teaching you how to do the same. Join me, and together we'll create amazing appetizers, entree's and desserts that blends natural flavors from around the world. Let's mix things up!

Passion for Cooking

I'm An Expert

I believe there's a calming sensation that comes from preparing a good healthy meal and the ingredients should delight the tastebuds. My primary focus is to bring you a diverse selection of flavors, textures and presentations blended  together to help you make the perfect meal.  Delicious, nutritious, inexpensive meals your whole family will love!

Don't know much about cooking meals? That's OK! In my book, 'Cooking Kept Me Sane!' I'll teach you how to put everything together for meals you're certain to get complients over!‚Äč

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Chef Jackie Valenti